Thursday, March 25, 2010

IT Band saga

Did sprint intervals Tues, rode to work yesterday.. IT Band feeling peppy so far. I made myself a PVC roller for $8.35 w/ materials from Home Depot and Michael's (see pictures).. works like a charm.. websites were selling something similar for $40-$50.. hogwash.

The real test of the IT band will be tomorrow.. I spent yesterday mapping out a 60 mile ride (see map)from my friend's house in Austin out to Lake Travis and back. Elevation change is 3700 feet up, gonna be killer!

The cheap materials. 4" PVC pipe, 2 $0.99 Foam sheets..

Sanded it all down w/ 80 grit sandpaper to let the glue bind better.

Moistened PVC and used Gorilla glue to bind. Align foam, squeeze out air pockets and rubber band to hold together for a few hours.

Trim off excess foam w/ razor blade, re-glue hanging parts.. just saved myself a lot of money and works like a charm.

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