Friday, March 11, 2011

A bit of catchup on my personal life

I decided to move back to Australia in late November and after much patience with the visa process, here I am sitting at the Singapore Airport a few hours before my flight to Perth.

If you asked me a year ago, when I was itching to move, this would have been a no-brainer. As the year progressed, however, it became a lot tougher to make the decision as I settled back into my comforts zones in Houston. Buying things (as Americans do) became more common. It's funny how the mentality shifts to make us feel like we need so many things here in America and I found myself bored, browsing Amazon and making useless purchases far more as my hesitancy to move became stronger. My itch to travel abroad waned, and I became more cynical. I don't think this is a coincidence. During my time back here, I went through the same motions. We get so accustomed to our conveniences here that we expect so much out of the things we buy or consume, which makes it easier to become disappointed and unhappy.

I'm not saying Australia is much different but in the end I know this decision is right for me to get me out of the comfort / consumption zone I wanted to avoid falling into again so quickly.

Fear also began creeping in more but fear is bullshit when we try to envision the future based on present circumstances.

One thing I've noticed is I approach America now w/ a broader eyes wide open view. There's so much in Texas itself to appreciate and America’s 50 States practically makes it its own continent. Numerous landscapes, cuisines, cultures and history are beckoning to be explored. America is a melting pot of it all and no matter how different you think you are, you can always find your niche here. That's the beauty of it. While Americans get lambasted for not travelling I can’t really blame us because there's enough to see here in a lifetime. The work culture of extreme capitalism to supplement lavish lifestyles without time for leisure is more the issue.

If anything I'm glad it played out this way. During my first stint I realized the friends I value the most back home so I made an effort and dedicated my time to spending more time with those people when I came back. Now that I'm moving again, I feel I've successfully solidifed those relationships more that there's no hesitation those few are in my back pocket for anything.