Thursday, July 22, 2010

Self-Acceptance is Sexy.

Being comfortable in our own skin. A trait we all strive for. Accepting our emotional, physical, mental, what-have-you flaws. It goes in hand with confidence, and confidence is sexy, regardless of what flaws people have. Insecurity breeds a lot of things which manifest themselves differently in people. Jealousy, hatred, bragging, over-compensating.. It also causes us to pass judgement on to others when they don't meet our rigorous standards, which are set due to our insecurities. It's something I'm certainly guilty of and still trying to progress, mainly because it creates so much bias and prevents me from seeing the perspectives and values of others.

While a healthy dose of insecurity is necessary, I believe, to help us self-reflect, it can also significantly impede us and divide us.

I believe all of our problems certainly need to be addressed, but that in the grand scheme of things, someone is suffering more than you. That brings comfort to realize, it's never all as bad as we make things out to be. Perspective is powerful.