Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello 2014 (don't expect much)

For the sake of a New Year, here’s a post.

Since my last post I’ve landed back in Houston with no desire to travel.  Just like my previous exploits, I binged on travel enough to where I got sick of it and looked for the next outlet.  As the time passed idly, I still made time for reading (not a hobby I ever see myself overdoing) and slowly started searching for work. 
After a few months of tepid interviews and reading numerous postings about ‘seeking driven individuals with strong commercial acumen,’ I reached a neutral zone where I was in limbo with regards to working again and having all of this downtime.  Don’t get me wrong, the downtime is great.  I’m fitter, healthier and guilt-free regarding the amount of time I spend with my family and dog now.   That said, I’ve realized being away from something for an extended amount of time leads to romanticizing what you’ve experienced in the past. 
Even though I still have enough money to last me a few years, I began to romanticize work, a steady paycheck and business class flights.  I keenly forgot the mundaneness of meetings, small talk and office banter which led me to always disassociate work from personal life.   Now I’m taking the luxury of downing a few beers at 2 pm on a Wednesday (hello tipsy blogging) for granted and finding myself completely motivated to subject myself to routine and work for a paycheck and security. 

As job offers loom, I can’t help but self-reflect that once working again I’ll miss these idle times that come so few and far between, namely when you’re young and waste your youth.  At 32, with as much downtime as I have, however, it’s led me to a few conclusions about the decision I made last year, but I wouldn’t take it with a grain of salt because I can change my mind pretty quickly according to circumstances and boredom. 

Anyways, I digress.  This post was brought to you by cabin fever, alcohol and some mental stimulation after seeing my last post was over 5 months ago.  See you again later this year, when I’ve once again become a routine oriented capitalistic cog.