Monday, December 10, 2012

We're all being used

The minute I quit my job in Australia, I am deemed to be here illegally as an alien, and the government has every right to kick me out. The only reason I’m here legally is that the government deems the benefit they gain from my contribution to capitalistic ventures and tax dollars outweigh any utility cost they sacrifice by having me here. An avenue to stay here legally in spite of my employment status is to gain entitlement with time. If I’ve done enough and proved my willingness to submit to the system and provide a benefit to the country for long enough, they’re convinced I can be a sheep for life and therefore pose no threat to stay indefinitely. By maintaining the status quo for another few years, I would gain permanent residency and eventually citizenship, but until then, I’m in a holding period.

This logic filters through to media and companies – if you’re not providing them a beneficial use or ratings, you’re useless and expendable to them. If they perceive the benefit you provide them by way of $$ as favourable to them (not you), they will milk you and use you. Despite what you want to believe, there is very little by way of trust – which is why you sign contracts and any breach of a provision will lead to a merciless battle to preserve their sanctity, not yours. In that light, we’re all being used because we can be discarded if circumstances change whereby the benefit you provide is no longer worth the utility cost. By committing ourselves to too much to work, we delude ourselves into believing we’re doing something beneficial to the world, the company and anyone else who benefits down the pecking order. Stop measuring your self-worth by how capitalistic ‘success’ has been defined – how much you earn, what you drive, where you live, what you’ve created, how many ‘likes’ you get. In the end, we're all cogs being used and spit out by the system, sweetie.