Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm rich and poor

Poor in that I've simplified even more. Rich because I sold various things over the past week and as a result have freed up more time and resources. I got rid of...

Canon 70-200 Lens
Canon 10-22 Lens
Canon External Flash
Canon Camera Bag
Apple 12" Laptop
Klipsch Surround speakers

All I'm left w/ that's vital in my apartment are bed, clothes, bikes, french press, computer.

Next to go are old DVDs, some clothes. Someone buy my damn S.T. Dupont lighter! I guess it's karma for such a bad purchase years back.

TV, receiver, surround sound system is on the verge of joining my Craigslist historical sales.


john said...

i'll take it for $20 bucks.

Mink said...

Poor?! I think you're just rich. What are you gonna spend your money on now? haha.