Saturday, March 13, 2010

IT Band Flare

Beautiful ride in Fayetteville today, but I waited too long at the last rest stop, body went cold waiting for some people to pace with. As soon as I hopped on, my IT band flared again. It didn't help my situation that I pushed w/ a paceline in pain the last 20 miles. Didn't seem that bad until I drove home and could barely push the clutch in.

So it's 2009 all over again. That sidelined me for months last year... a 10 hour hike in New Zealand was the culprit. Couldn't cycle for months, got cortisoid injections, the works.. hopefully this is just a one-time flare up, otherwise MS is out the window.

Going to Home Depot tomorrow to buy a PVC pipe to roll my leg. Yes, that's the most hardcore roller you can get. It will make any grown man wince in pain, but hopefully it'll put this IT problem to rest. Not gonna cycle this week.. take 2 weeks off and see how it feels then. If it acts up then, MS training stops and alcohol training will be in full swing.

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