Sunday, February 28, 2010

A good problem

57 miles today in just under 3 hours.. lot of wind, lot of sun, lot of rider’s snot. Good times. I was surprised how high my energy level was.. pushed near my max the full 3 hours.. even walked my dog afterwards and didn't nap. Food intake was:

Berry smoothie w/ almond butter, yogurt, whey protein, cocoa, & coconut milk for breakfast.
2 Clif bars
3 coconut ball concoctions
A few handfuls of dried fruit
Fig newtons
Another cup of coffee
2 handfuls of almonds/walnuts/pecans
Chicken for lunch w/ sweet potato, half an avocado, veggies, cheese, olive oil
2 dried Korean squid, more almonds, some cheese.
Bowl of berries
Salmon for dinner w/ veggies, quinoa, avocado and more cheese.

Not sure how many calories that equals but it must be in the 4000+ range w/ all the high fat food, but I’m still hungry… and I lost more weight in the past 2 weeks. How do I gain it back is the question while maintaining my habit of eating healthy. My grocery spending went from $165 last month to $340 this month so I’m definitely eating a lot more. But the engine must be fed.

So in order to minimize more lean mass loss, less riding this week (if I can help it).. more eating, more lifting. Kettle bells and body weight are the only weight lifting I enjoy.

Bloodtest from my doc came out good. Cholesterol 171, Triglycerides 38.. everything was normal except my B12 levels.. he said due to my chronic drinking. He told me to cut back even more.. all this while a 1.75 litre bottle of Johnny Black sat in his office. What a trip this one is.

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john said...

You should just start drinking the muscle milk 2-3 times a day. You'll put on some quick mass.