Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Year

After hitting 30 and dawning on a new year, I intended to write one of those posts reflecting on various wisdom learned, but then I started reading Anna Karenina, which has sucked me in the past month. Considered one of the best novels ever written, I declare Tolstoy is king. All I can say is pick up a copy and read the damn thing. Without further ado, a few things I’ve learned in 30 years.

1) Obesity pisses me off

2)Everybody has an interesting life story. Writing people off as boring is easily done to try convincing ourselves we’re more interesting than we actually are.

3) Dogs > Humans

4)Fear is the culprit for myopic small-mindedness, violence, hatred, judgment, and excuses. It stifles dreams and breeds inactivity. Nearly everything with a negative connotation has fear as one of its culprits.

5) Girls are as horny as men.

6) Books can be better company than humans.

7)Texan pride runs deep and dies hard. I can no longer see myself living anywhere else long-term.

8) We can’t have enough freedom. Seeking it in nearly every realm of our lives should be sought after from financial to toxic relationships.

9) Happiness is an elusive fucker. There’s no silver bullet that applies to everyone, so chasing it can be a meager endeavor. The main things I’ve found that contribute to its well being are freedom, purpose, & relationships. Fuck money, possessions and glamour like the media tries to convince us the answer lays.

10) Forget weight machines and workout gimmicks. We’re evolutionarily designed to squat, jump, sprint, pull and press.

11) Simplify. In nearly every realm of your life

12) You shouldn't have to explain yourself. The moment you do, you lose power.

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