Saturday, January 21, 2012

Long term roadtrip

I've become one of those bloggers I despise. Months without an update, allowing life and laziness to take over.

Some say the more you read, the less you write and to be fair I've gotten into some pretty meaty books lately.

After recently returning from a trip home last month that spanned 3 weeks, a realization hit that any semblance of a long-term future will not take place in Australia. My aspiration to buy a car and roadtrip across America for 6+ months still stands. The timing would be perfect. My contract expires in March 2013 at which point I'd move home jobless, settle back for a month and prep for a long roadtrip over summer to avoid the ice and snow of the American West. The trip would entail a lot of backpacking through mountains and some cycling if I can find room for a bike. If this picks up some serious steam I intend to start a blog as an aside as I wind things down here and plan (logistically, financially etc) for the trip. Of course I'll be looking for a partner in crime to do it with, but understand domestic responsibilities take priority so I'll settle for fly in fly out company. Rather than for just a self-indulgent adventure, there's been a lot of thinking behind this I can't seem to swat away.

To be continued...

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