Friday, August 13, 2010

Daniel Haddad

I just found out yesterday my buddy from college was diagnosed with cancer back in March and has been undergoing intense chemotherapy since.

I encourage you to check out his blog, in which he writes about his cancer journey. It's quite humbling to read his experiences on the symptoms, suffering, and family/friend support. The pictures alone show a lot of pain and emotion you can't help but empathize with.

Reading through it and remembering times with him in college really shakes my core because he was the tall, athletic guy who didn't take his youth or health for granted. He was the guy in school you were convinced was untouchable and that future success wasn't a question. It reminds me that we need to grip tighter on to the things we cherish and let go of menial things we waste too much time praising.

Our trivial complaints, worries, and fears are peanuts compared to the struggles he's enduring.

Wish you all the best, Dan.