Friday, April 9, 2010

MS150 Training VO2 Max Results

Back in January I volunteered for a study to see how 9 weeks of MS150 training improved fitness. They strapped me into one of these machines to test max heart rate, lactate threshold, max aerobic pedaling wattage and finally VO2 Max, which is the max oxygen consumption the body can use and transport during exercise.. basically reflecting physical fitness.

Over 9 weeks, the researcher said I increased the most out of his test subjects and even asked me to be honest and tell him if I was doping or taking something. lol.
  • My Vo2 max went from 53 mL/kg/min to 64 mL/kg/min.
  • HR Max went from 183 beats per minute to 194 beats per minute. (+11)
  • Lactate Threshold went from 83% to 86%. (% of HRMax before the body starts making more lactic acid than what it can get rid of)
  • Max Aerobic Wattage stayed steady at 350+ watts... at which point I was nearly dead from exhaustion.
He said the average male in my age group is in the upper 30's to low 40's Vo2 Max range so I'm far ahead of the game... but to put it into perspective, Lance Armstrong is around 83 mL/kg/min, Lactate Threshold of lower 90% , HR max of 201 BPM and max aerobic cycling wattage around 600... what a freak.

This is the most fit and lean I've ever been and now I know if a group of us ever gets chased by a bear, I won't be the one who gets caught first :)


Mink said...

wow that's pretty awesome. after the MS 150 you should try the crits.

john said...

that is sick. i wonder where i am. they'd be like, sir you will die if you take this test and won't let me. lol.